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These clauses regulate the general terms and conditions of use of the services provided by the PASSAPP mobile application (hereinafter, the “Application”), owned by PASSAPP S.A.S. (hereinafter, the “Company”), domiciled at URUGUAY 1127, 7, of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In order to use the services of the Application, the user must read and accept these clauses that govern its use. If not accepted, the user must refrain from using the services of the Application.

Terms of use
These general conditions of use regulate the access and use of the services provided from the Application:

a) Account. In order to use the contents and services provided by the Application, the user must register by creating an account (hereinafter, the" Account "). The user will be solely responsible for the Account and all information uploaded in the same, reason for which, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Company, the user must ensure the confidentiality and security of the information that he incorporates, not having to reveal the information of the Account to third parties. will be responsible for the acts carried out with your Account and for the invitations made from it..
To use the contents and services of the Application, the use of a compatible device, Internet access and the download of the corresponding software to the Application will be required, which may require periodic updates.
The Company reserves the right to limit the number of accounts that could be associated with the same device and the number of devices associated with the same Account.

b) Age. The Application will be available to human persons of legal age, or emancipated minors or with the legal permission of their parents and / or guardians.
By accepting these general terms and conditions of use, the user declares under the quality of an affidavit that he is fully qualified and competent to understand and accept without reservation the obligations, statements, representations and guarantees established in these general terms and conditions of use.

c) Content. All information (be it data files, written text, software, music, graphics, photographs, images, sounds, videos, messages and any other material) that can be generated or found by using the Application (hereinafter, the “Content ”) Is the sole responsibility of the person from whom it comes and not from the Company. Therefore, the user is solely responsible for the Content that uploads, downloads, publishes, transmits or stores through the use of the Application.
The user acknowledges and accepts that the information linked to his Account is provided and transmitted to the neighborhood, housing complex, country or any other installation of this nature, whether from a public or private company (hereinafter, the “Installation”) where present using the service provided by the Application. Once the information associated with the User Account is sent to the Facility, it and the user will be solely responsible for the use and security of the User Account information, the Company not having any responsibility in this regard.
The Company does not control the Content published in the Application or guarantee its veracity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to determine at any time if the Content is appropriate or not, being able to reject it and / or modify it at any time, without prior notification and in its sole discretion. In this way, the user assumes all risk arising from the use made of the Application and any Content derived from it.
The user acknowledges that the Company may, without causing any responsibility, disclose information and Content of the User's Account to the judicial authorities to the extent that is convenient and is requested by a competent official.

d) Account Cancellation. The Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Account, at any time and without prior notification to the user, in the following cases: (i) Violations of these clauses or any other policy or guideline referred to herein or be published in the Application; (ii) At the user's request; (iii) At the request or order of legal imposition, of a judicial body or other state distribution; (iv) Faced with technical or safety problems; (v) Upon detection of user participation in fraudulent or illegal activities; (vi) In the absence of payment of fees that the user owes in relation to the Application; (vii) Upon detection that the user's registration information turns out to be inaccurate and lacking in truth.
The Company is not responsible for the consequences arising from the cancellation or suspension of the Account.
The user acknowledges that, as a result of the cancellation of the Account, he may lose access to all the information or the Content linked to it. Likewise, it is recorded that the Company may, within a certain period of time, eliminate the information and data stored in the Account.

Personal Data and information privacy
By using the services provided by the Application, the user gives his consent in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data, its modifications and regulations. In this sense, the user declares to know and accept that their personal data integrate the database of the Company, granting by means of this express authorization in favor of the Company for the automated processing of the data and information linked to the Account.

Consequently, the user acknowledges that the Content and information linked to his Account will be stored on servers and databases of the Company, which is why the Company will have free access to them.

The Company reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions of use of the Application at any time. In this regard, the user is recommended to periodically consult the terms of use of the Application, which are available at

User Obligations
Are User Obligations:

a) Respect the general terms and conditions of use of the Application. In this way, the user declares that he will use the application diligently and assuming any responsibility that could be derived from the breach of the applicable norms in the matter.

b) Do not use the Application to transmit, store, disseminate, promote or distribute data or content that are carriers of viruses or any computer code designed to interrupt, destroy or impair the operation of any computer or telecommunications program or equipment.

c) Do not provide, through the Application, Content that is illegal, harmful, malicious, violent, injurious, defamatory or otherwise offensive.

d) Do not supplant the identity of another person.

e) Notify the Company immediately of any breach of security with respect to the Account.

f) Provide accurate and complete information at the time of registering the Account, and report any changes to the Company immediately.

g) Recognize at all times that you use the information and services provided by the Application at your own risk.

h) Keep the Company, its partners, directors and employees harmless against any claim arising from: (i) Any Content transmitted by the user through the Application, (ii) The use that the user makes of the service provided through the Application, (iii) Any violation by the user to these general terms and conditions of use.

Company Responsibilities
The Company assumes no responsibility for the possible damages caused by the use of the information, data and services of the Application.

In particular, and without this enumeration being taxative, the Company is not responsible for:
a) The damages and losses derived from the Content, information, services or any other material of third parties outside the Company.

b) The damages caused by the unauthorized use of the User's Account.

c) The existence of viruses, losses, damages, attacks, system failures, hacking or other security intrusions in the Application software.

d) Software errors or defects linked to the Application.

e) The interruption, defect, delay and errors of the service provided by the Application.

f) The inconveniences related to the authorization of the user's entry to the Facility through the Application, leaving a record that the user may be required to submit documents for entry.

g) The access control that must be carried out by the installation official, in order to authorize the user's entry through the use of the Application. It is noted that the Facility agrees to generate an interface to connect the Application with the access control system.

Intellectual or industrial property
All contents, brands, logos, drawings, documentation, computer programs or any other element susceptible to protection by intellectual property legislation, which are accessible in the Application, belong exclusively to the Company and all rights thereto are expressly reserved.

By accepting these clauses, the Company grants a user license in favor of the user, in order to install the Application on their mobile device and use the services provided by the Application. The Company does not grant any license or authorization of use to the user on its contents, data or services, other than that expressly detailed in these general conditions of use of the Application.

Applicable legislation, competent jurisdiction and notifications
These terms and conditions are governed by the legislation in force in the Argentine Republic.

In case of any claim, the ordinary courts of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be competent.

All communications that the user wishes to make to the Company should be addressed to the following email: