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Innovation and quality for corporate buildings

PassApp is an effective solution for your building, speeding up all access and space management through a groundbreaking system that reduces both operative load and costs while it increases efficiency.

Identification and access control center for your office

Speed up all access with no waste of time and enhanced security.

One only app for all access

Upload your data once and use it every time you enter a building within the PassApp Community.

Space management

Book meeting rooms and parking spots.


Tailored solutions for each client, being time-management and people’s safety our main pillars.

Your cell phone as your key

Staff and guests can access with their cell phones.

Pass Request

A Pass can be requested by the Host, the Guest or the Supplier.

Fixed and Guest Parking

Staff and guests can access the parking lot with their QR.

Booking of meeting rooms and other shared areas

Ideal for planning and optimizing the use of the different working areas in your company.

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